2019: Independent Distributor Event - QLD

Dear Valued Distributors,

Some of our most active Distributors are hosting their own event next year on the beautiful Gold Coast.
We are passing this flyer to you in case you are interested in attending their event.
Early bird prices for those who purchase tickets before December 25 are available!

Message from Organiser:

In February of 2019 we will be hosting the first ever Enagic Distributor training/presentation w/ our Global 8 figure+ Earner/Leader Cynthia Fernandez Cabungcal Briganti!!!

This event will be the first of many here in Australia & EVERYONE is invited!!!

If you're a leader in our amazing company... you should be there.

If you're just getting started... you should be there!

If you have no idea what Enagic is... you should be there!

We will have doctors speaking to educate all of us on the importance of our medical grade water/device.

Lives will be changed.

Let's start off 2019 the right way!!!


Get your tickets @ www.Unify2019.com
Get your tickets @ www.Unify2019.com
Get your tickets @ www.Unify2019.com

If you're interested in speaking, please contact me personally.

This event is open to ALL TEAMS, because Unification is how we will change this industry/world!!!

Day 1 - Presentation by Doctors & Field leaders

Day 2 - Training from the best of the best in our industry/company.

Food/Buffet is included both Presentation days.


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