General FAQ

I am in Australia or New Zealand - how can I purchase accessories such as filters or bottles?
You can purchase accessories from us using an Accessories Order Form, which you can download from our website. Once completed, you can e-mail it to us at or fax it to us at +61-2-9878-1200. If pick up from our office is not specified, we will calculate the shipping cost, and charge and ship your order.
We also have a new web store which you can use if you would like (the link is on our website). Please be advised however this web store is fairly new and is hosted by our office in Japan, therefore orders may take a few days to be processed. If you need your order processed as soon as possible, the quickest way is to fill out an Accessories Order Form.
I want to purchase something that is not on the web store or on the Accessories Order Form - what do I do?
Please contact us and we will advise you if that item is in stock and available for purchase. If it is, you will need to write in it a blank space on the Accessories Order Form and send it back to us with all your other details completed.
I tried signing up for the web store as an Enagic Member but I got an error message that says “Invalid input data error”?
To sign up successfully for the web store, you will need to ensure your ID number associated with your machine is correct and matches the e-mail address we have on file for you. If the sign up process does not work, please try re-entering your e-mail in all capital letters. If it still does not work, please e-mail us at with your ID number, your correct e-mail and a few personal details (e.g. address, phone number, sponsor’s ID and name) and we will check our system and confirm your details are correct for you.
I live in Australia and New Zealand, can I purchase accessories and machines through
No, is our company’s main site however it is managed by the United States, therefore their associated web store is strictly for North American customers.
I live in Australia and New Zealand, can I purchase machines online through the web store?
Yes, you can purchase machine orders through our web store by paying in full via credit card or bank transfer, if you wish, however, sending machine orders to us via the usual paperwork method is still the quickest and best way for us to verify all your details. Financing is also available only via sending the paperwork.

By purchasing online, you agree to our Return Policy and Policies and Procedures however to finalise your Distributorship, you will need to e-mail us your bank account details (Australian residents only) and a copy of your Photo ID.
Can I place machine or accessories orders over the phone?
Enagic Australia Pty Ltd does not accept any orders over the phone.
How can I login to the Distributor section on this site?
Please e-mail us at with your ID number and we will provide you with a password.
I want to sign up for a login on’s EWS back office but the details I am entering are not working - what is wrong?
Sometimes there can be syntax issues with the phone number you enter. It will need to match the one we have on file. Try entering your phone number as 0400000000 for example or if you are from New Zealand and your phone number is 070000000 or 0270000000 for example, try 6470000000 or 64270000000 instead.
If you are still having troubles, please e-mail us with your ID number, e-mail address and phone number and we can check your file to make sure all your details are correct.
Do you have a mailing list?
Yes, we automatically add all new customers that opt into our mailing list via the tick box on our paperwork to our mailing system.
If you don’t believe your e-mail is on our list or you would like to add a secondary e-mail to the list, please feel free to add yourself to the list via the Subscribe form on our site.
Can I have a tax invoice?
Generally, we just issue a copy of your paperwork to you with a receipt if we charged you by credit/debit card, however, if you need an invoice for your machine purchased in full or for your machine deposit, please contact our Accounts department via e-mail ( or via the Contact form on our website with your ID number and we can issue a formal tax invoice to you via e-mail.
How can I get my machine serviced/repaired/deep cleaned?
If you are in Australia or New Zealand, you will need to mail your machine to our office in Macquarie Park or bring it to us if you would like it serviced, repaired or deep cleaned. To download the service forms, please visit the Distributor section on our website.
Do you stock any under the counter models?
All of the machines stocked with Enagic Australia are designed to sit on the counter, not under it.