Once Finance - 36 Months at 10.99%

Dear Valued Distributors & Customers,

Earlier this year, we announced we are offering a new financing option with our associate external finance company, Once Finance.

In case you missed it, we are pleased to remind you that Australian customers can now apply for a loan through Once Finance and purchase machines at the following terms:

  • 12 months interest free
  • 24 months at 10.99%
  • 36 months at 10.99%

For application instructions and information, please e-mail us at info@enagic-australia.com.


Elma Pioquinto2017-10-09 10:05:54

that is our problem in NZ so many people love to have this machine at home however repayments is a big hurdle to most clients. Can we have the same arrangement with One Finance here in NZ, I too have a lending business but a small one only is there a way that we can guarantee our clients and pass through One Finance?

    Alana2017-10-11 12:21:26

    Hi Elma, we will look into extra financing options and see if there are any new options we can offer NZ customers. We'll let you know if we have any new payment options in future.


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